How to Pair Gin and Cheese

We're all familiar with matching cheese with wine or whisky, but did you know that gin pairs extremely well with cheese? It makes sense. Gin in itself has a wide flavour spectrum that often work to complement the underlying flavour complexities of all the different cheeses out there. So instead of busting out the dessert wine, port, sherry or whisky at your next dinner party, why not get a gin or two? 

How do you tell which cheese pairs with which gin?

Just like there's many different cheeses out there, so too are there different gins. Each gin or cheese will have its own flavour profile, be it floral, savoury, buttery, sharp - you get the drill.

Whatever style of gins float your boat, we've got you covered.  Here are four gin styles with suggestions for cheese that we think match brilliantly. Try these to look like the host(ess) with the most(est)!

Classic or navy strength gins 

Do you find your gin profile veering towards the classic juniper-led gins or overproof gins? For example, we're talking gins such as the Widges, Pinkster Triple Juniper, McHenry Navy Strength Gin or the MGC Single Shot Gin? If so, pair these cheeses with the gins:

  • Chevre 
  • Raclette
  • Yarra Valley White Savourine

Floral gins

Perhaps its a case of yin and yang, but somehow the rich and buttery texture of these cheeses  seem to bring out the best of gins with floral undertones such as the Garden Swift Gin or Killara Apothecary gin. We also think the vanilla creaminess of the Tanglin Orchid gin is a match made in heaven with these cheeses. Or for a super-luxe experience, pair them with the 44N Gin:

  • Triple cream brie
  • Savarin
  • Woodside Vigneron (Australia)

Contemporary gins

Have you got a spicier or herbaceous gin such as the Royal Sedang, St George Botanivore, Audemus Pink Pepper or Animus Arboretum gins? If so, pair these cheeses with those gins because we think they have enough of a bite and umami to stand up well to, and complement the gins in question.

  • Manchego
  • Pecorino
  • Gouda

What about fruit/sloe gins?

Ever had a drizzle of honey over blue cheese? Then you'll understand how sweet can act as the perfect foil to the savoury and almost metallic tang of these cheeses. Our gin of choice in this situation? We favour the fruitier style gins such as the Chase Seville Marmalade Gin, Manly Spirits Lillypilly Gin, and in particular, the McHenry Damson or McHenry Sloe gins.  (Say goodbye, quince paste!)

  • Gorgonzola Dolce
  • Berrys Creek Riverine Blue (Australia)
  • Venus Blue (Australia)
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