Brighton Gin Seaside Strength

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You like your gins classic, clean and juniper forward. Brighton Gin Seaside Strength delivers that in spades, with twice the punch. 

Despite what you might think, the Brighton in the label is a reference to Brighton in the UK. But just like the Brighton in Victoria, the English Brighton is near a beach too. Hence the reference to Seaside Strength, which also doubles up as a reference to this being a Navy strength gin. 

The characteristics of this gin is very much along the lines of the classic style gins. Juniper is undoubtedly the star of the show. But you also get a whisper of spice and a cascade of zesty citrus on the nose with hints of candied orange that follow through to the finish. Despite being 57% ABV, the mouthfeel on this is rich and creamy with no hint of burn.  

Brighton Gin bottles its gin by hand, with the wax finish on the Seaside Strength a Navy Blue colour instead of the pale green. Looks aside, this gin has got the chops to back it up. It's won a bunch of awards, including Outstanding at the IWSC 2022 and Diffords Guide gave it a rare 5 out of 5 stars.


  • Brighton Distillery (United Kingdom)
  • 700ml or 50ml
  • 43% ABV

How to drink Brighton Gin Seaside Strength:

This is one gin that you can sip neat over ice. Or, if you are looking to mix it, we think the Seaside Strength Gin goes well in a Martini or in a Gin & Tonic. 

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