Imperial Measures Scarlet Sweet Vermouth

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You are looking for a locally made sweet vermouth that is versatile. Imperial Measures Scarlet Sweet Vermouth has a depth and complexity that goes well in a variety of cocktails. 

The base wine is a mix of Adelaide Hills Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from Murdoch Hill Wines. To complement this, Imperial Measures use a total of 40 botanicals. The wormwood contributes the signature bitterness in this sweet vermouth. To balance that, there's a variety of botanicals - citrus, nuts, roots, herbs, fruits and spices.

Like its other vermouth, all the botanicals are individually vacuum sealed with spirit. Gentle heat in a water bath extracts the delicate notes of those ingredients otherwise lost in more traditional production methods.

Unlike other vermouth on the market, the Imperial Measures Scarlet Sweet comes in 375ml bottles. The half bottle format allows the product to remain as vibrant and fresh as possible after opening. Not only that, it also means it takes up less space in your fridge. That's a win/win all round!


  • Imperial Measures Distilling (South Australia)
  • 375ml
  • 18% ABV

How to drink Imperial Measures Scarlet Sweet Vermouth:

Any stirred down cocktails like the Negroni. Or put it in an Americano for a refreshing highball drink.

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