Gin Referral Program - Refer a Friend

You know the only thing better than good gin? Good gin friends! Introducing the Refer a Friend, our gin referral program. 

How does it work?

It's simple. Refer a friend who's not bought from us before. But what's in it for them and what's in it for you? We'll change up the discounts and rewards from time to time but currently, it's a sweet 10%* off for each of you.

*for orders over $100


Sign into your account. Under the "My Rewards" tab, go to "Earn Points" and you should see the link with your unique referral URL to send to whoever you wish.

Gin Referral information on dashboard


Click on the email button or cut and paste the unique referral URL to send a message to your friend. To avoid your friend thinking it is spam, we suggest you let your friend knows you are sending them this - the email will appear in their inbox as coming from The Ginporium, and not your email.

Gin referral pop up message

Your friend simply has to use that unique referral URL to head to our website to open an account and they'll see the discount code available for them to use. Once your friend has made a purchase from us, you will get an email letting you know you have earned your reward through our gin referral program! Or if you log into your account, you will also see it pop up or in your "My Rewards" dashboard.

Referral discount showing on referrer dashboard

Referral discount showing as pop up at the bottom of the website



Click on the unique URL in your email. It'll take you to our website for you to either open an account or log in.

 Referral receiver discount code prompt to create an account

Once you have created an account or logged in, your discount code should pop up or appear on your "My Rewards" dashboard. Important: if you have purchased from us before, you won't get a code.

Receiver referral discount code pop up after account created

Apply the code at checkout. 

Checkout showing where to add discount code

And easy peasy! You're on your way to a gin-tastic time!


I sent a message but my friend didn't get it?

There could be a number of reasons for this. Get your friend to check their spam or junk folder. We do find our emails landing there sometimes! 

I sent a message and I know my friend bought something from you. But I didn't get a referral code?

We suggest logging into your account and checking your dashboard in case you missed an email from us. Otherwise, try checking your spam or junk folder too. Another reason could also be that that our program is set up to detect potential inappropriate usage, for example, the email you send it to has the same name as you or the same delivery address. We know sometimes different people can live at the one address or have similar names, so send us an email and we can check for you and make sure you get the discount code!

I got a referral email but when I created an account but the discount didn't show up

If you have bought from us before, the discount code won't show up. However, even the best laid programs can make mistakes sometimes so send us an email ( if you think this is an error and we'll fix it for you!

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