This August, we are turning three! To celebrate the occasion, we are turning Thursday Trios into a thing! Each THURSDAY over THREE WEEKS between 24 August 2023 and 14 September 2023, we've got a TRIO of items for the week, where any purchase of one item will give you the chance to win the other items in the collection to complete your THREESOME of the best kind!

All you have to do is in each of the weeks below is to:

  1. Buy any ONE item in the Trio 
  2. Every item from the Trio purchased counts as one entry
  3. If you win, we will send you the other items in the Trio that week to complete your Thursday Threesome!
  4. Buy all three and you'll go in the draw to have your order refunded!

For full list of T&C please click here.

WEEK 1 - 24 AUGUST to 30 AUGUST 2023

Thursday Trio showing ingredients to make the perfect martini with bottle of Regal Rogue Lively White vermouth on left, MGC Single Shot gin in middle and Regal Rogue Bold Red vermouth on right

The Perfect Martini does exist!

But rather than an accolade, it is actually a recipe that calls for gin and equal parts of sweet and white vermouth. A lively Trio indeed, or a Bold One depending on how you look at it.

For our version of the Perfect Martini, we're using Melbourne Gin Company Single Shot Gin, itself a work of art that took 381 distillation runs before the perfect recipe was formulated. It's so good that it won a bunch of awards BEFORE it was officially released, and we can say hand on heart it is one of THE best gins we can think of in a Martini.

To round off the gin, we've got Regal Rogue Bold Red vermouth and its Lively White, both superb examples of Australian made vermouth that we would happily drink on its own.

Purchase ONE of the THREE items above between 24 August 2023 and 30 August 2023 and go in the draw to complete your TRIO on 31 August 2023.

Draw is now closed - Congratulations Christine N from NSW!

WEEK 2 - 31 AUGUST to 6 SEPTEMBER 2023

The Odd Bunch of Gins

This week, we're shining a spotlight on a trio of brands that did the impossible - took one or a bunch of weird ingredients  and somehow made it work in gin (or vermouth).

First up, Four Pillars Olive Leaf Gin. Back in the day, if anyone said you could combine olive, olive oil or anything olive-y in gin, they would have been laughed at. Until Four Pillars came along with their version, which we *think* is the first (or at least, the first in Australia). Five years in the making, the gin uses THREE types of cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil and olive leaf team from the groves of Victoria's Cobram Estate. It’s textural, bright and to this day, still the benchmark of a good savoury olive gin. 

Next up is Darling Gin. At first blush, the bottle looks fairly minimalist, and you might be forgiven for thinking this is a classic bottle housing a classic gin. But the elegant black and gold design belie the most unusual of ingredients used. This is Australia's first gin featuring BUTTER, and far from making it an oily mess, the butter lends a slightly creamy mouthfeel to the gin, in a good way! It was intriguing enough to make it to Caroline's top 10 Australian gins of 2021 and we wager it will hold your attention too.

Last but not least, rounding out the Odd Bunch is the Imperial Measures Umami Vermouth. If every there was cacophony of weird and wonderful ingredients in one bottle, THIS IS IT. But boy does it work. Who ever who have thought porcini, wakame, capers and miso (and a pinch of sambal) could work with Riesling to deliver a vermouth that drinks well on its own, and plays well with others (try this with the Four Pillars Olive Leaf Gin). The inspiration for the vermouth? Made with the Dirty Martini in mind, umami extracted from selected botanicals replaces the need for the classic addition of olive brine.

Purchase ONE of the THREE items above between 31 August 2023 and 6 September 2023 and go in the draw to complete your TRIO on 7 September 2023.


Banner showing photos of the three ingredients for the Lightning Gin & Vermouth Spritz. Left image shows bottle of Regal Rogue Daring Dry Vermouth. Middle image shows bottle of Karu Lightning Gin and right image shows can of Mischief Brew Grapefruit Soda

Ending the celebrations with a bang, we're taking one of our highest proof gins and combining with two other partners in crime to create a...lower in alcohol cocktail.

The Lightning Gin & Vermouth Spritz is our pick for spring sipping (though the danger is that once you take the first sip, you'll be doing anything but sipping it, it's that thirst quenching).

It features the Karu Lightning Gin, which made history when it took out the trophy for the World's Best Contemporary Gin in the 2021 International Wine & Spirits Competition. And rightfully so. This one is an unconventionally smooth navy strength gin that featuring triple citrus tiers of herbaceous lemon myrtle, bitter ruby grapefruit, and sweet mandarin, however, rose geranium is the standout botanical here. Picked fresh from the distillery's garden, the rose geranium provides a surprising delicate floral backbone, which comes through even against the higher proof. 

But the star of the cocktail is undoubtedly the dry vermouth, which comes courtesy of Regal Rogue's Daring Dry. As the name suggests, it's a dry vermouth with savoury notes that marries 100% organic Australian Sauvignon Blanc with native herbs and spices. This particular vermouth uses aniseed myrtle, quandong and native thyme to create a unique savoury base. But that's not all. The use of white pepper, gentian, olive leaf and juniper further enhances the savoury notes, which marries well with the citrus herbaceous notes of the Lightning Gin.

To tie it all together, and make this a long refreshing drink, it's the grapefruit soda, and one of our current favs is the Mischief Brew Grapefruit Soda. Brewed in Adelaide, we love this one because it's at once citrussy, salty and zingy with a hint of bitterness.  Using local pink grapefruit, Mischief Brew adds in a healthy dose of finger lime pearls to up the tangy quotient together with pink salt to balance out the zing. Uniquely, there's a touch of black carrot concentrate in the mix, which adds to the bitter-sweet element of the soda.

Purchase ONE of the THREE items above between 7 and 13 September 2023 and go in the draw to complete your TRIO on 14 September 2023. Or purchase all three and you could have your entire order refunded!

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