78 Degrees Chocolate Gin

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You'll like this gin if:

You're a fan of bittersweet chocolate. 78 Degrees Chocolate Gin is still very much a gin but with subtle notes of dark chocolate.

The limited edition gin is a collaboration between Adelaide Hills Distillery and Melbourned based chocolate maker Loving Earth. Firstly, the distillery uses leftover cacao husks from Loving Earth’s chocolate making process. Then, it steeps them in its base gin alongside native wattleseed and local oranges.

The result? A rich and smooth gin that gives you hints of dark chocolate and orange. But lest you think of the 78 Degrees Chocolate Gin as a chocolate liqueur, that it is not. That's because at 42% ABV, this is very much a gin.

The rich familiar notes of chocolate will hit you at first blush. However, at first sip, the familiar piney taste of juniper comes across before you finish a dark chocolate at the back and hints of orange. If you're getting nutty flavours, that would be courtesy of the toasted wattleseed. All in all, it's a very well balanced gin.


  • Made by Adelaide Hills Distillery (SA)
  • 700ml
  • 42% ABV 

How to drink it? Try the 78 Degrees Chocolate Gin in:

Neat on the rocks - this gin is great for sipping. Or try it in our limited cocktail bundle!

Get the 78 Degrees Chocolate gin with our Chocola-Tea cocktail bundle!

If you're looking for a gift for the chocolate lover, have we got the cutest addition for you! We have a small number of gift sets featuring the Chocolate Gin where you get what you need to have a chocola-tea (geddit???) experience. Each set includes:

  • 78 Degrees Chocolate Gin. 
  • The Pink Teabox Chocolate Heaven tea x 25g
  • The Chocolate Artisan Chocolate Spoons x 3
  • Loving Earth Dark 72% Dark Chocolate Bar x 80g
  • Stainless steel tea infuser

The bundle includes all you need to make a Chocola-Tea cocktail. First, use the tea infuser to brew the tea. Let sit for 8-10 minutes. Then, drop in a shot of gin. Finally, stir the concoction with one of the chocolate spoons. For added sweetness, add a pinch of sugar or dollop of honey and pair your brew with the Loving Earth dark chocolate bar!

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