78 Degrees Desert Gin

Product image 178 Degrees Distillery Desert Gin
Product image 2Adelaide Hills Distillery Desert Gin

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You're a fan of roasted and toasty flavours in gin. 78 Degrees Desert Gin is a bold, higher proof gin that packs a bit of heat yet has a smooth and rich mouthfeel. 

Wattleseed is a native plant flourishes in the Australian desert and is a key ingredient in this gin. It has a nutty, coffee-like flavour once roasted. Distiller Sacha La Forgia, has used three species of wattleseed which are roasted in house and macerated in the base gin. This gives the gin a golden colour and rich complex flavours of roasted coffee, cocoa and toffee.

Those warm flavours are complemented by spicy native pepperberry and balanced by citrus aromatics from blood lime and Riverland oranges.


  • 78 Degrees Distillery (South Australia)
  • 700ml
  • 48% ABV

Drink 78 Degrees Desert Gin in:

A martini. Or with soda garnished with a wedge of orange

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