Ambleside Distillers Old Tom Gin

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You like something unusual with a touch of tannic sweetness. Ambleside Distillers Old Tom Gin marries the traditional botanicals of orange, licorice and angelic root with homegrown lemon myrtle. And tea!

But why tea we hear you ask? Well, family behind Ambleside Distillery wanted to pay homage to their family roots in York, UK. And there's nothing more English than a cup of tea. So after distillation, they steep the gin with English Breakfast Tea and brown sugar to incorporate memories of the "cuppa" they used to have at nan's place. 

The sugar isn't just for the tea though. Old Tom gins refer to a style of gin popular in the 18th and 19th centuries. Back then, gins were highly flavoured (usually with lemon and aniseed). Often this was to mask the rough tasting congeners in the spirit as production methods were not as sophisticated as they are today. This style of gin would also be slightly sweet. 

Tea and sugar aside, there's no mistaking this is a gin as you still get the pine notes of juniper coming through. But you also get bright citrus botanicals of orange and lemon coming through. To amplify the flavour profile however, lemon myrtle is used, which also acts as a nod to Australia. 

Altogether, you get notes of sweet citrus, lingering spice, malt, pepper and pine in this Old Tom Gin. The citrus notes extend from the aromas right through to the palate, where it is complemented by the distinct peppery flavour of star anise and coriander seed.


  • Ambleside Distillery (South Australia)
  • 700ml
  • 43% ABV

How to drink Ambleside Distillers Old Tom Gin:

The Old Tom Gin goes well in a Tom Collins. Or, drink it over ice with a slice of orange. 

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