Hayman's Small Gin

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You like your classic gins but looking for low alcoholic ways to have a drink.
Yes, this is a full strength gin so how on earth does it give you a low alcoholic serve?  Well, the answer is pretty genius. Taste wise, this has a delicate nose of juniper and citrus that's followed by a hint of spice throughout. Bit like a classic London Dry gin. But what Hayman's have done is increased the botanicals used in the gin distillation by 4-5 times so that the flavours are more concentrated. The result? You get a normal full strength gin but with such high concentration of flavours that you only need a 5ml serve in a Gin & Tonic to give you the same hit as using a 20ml serve of a normal gin. 

To help you along, each bottle of Small Gin comes with a specially designed 5ml measuring thimble making it easy to mix a perfect Small Gin and Tonic every time. You get 40 whopping G&Ts per bottle and each serve only contains 0.2 units of alcohol. The other big benefit in our books is that because it's got the same amount of alcohol as a normal gin, you will find this bottle keeps well without any of the botanical profile evaporating over time, which is an issue we've found with the non-alcoholic options we've tried. Biggest innovation in 100 years? We think so.


Hayman's Distillery (UK)

200ml 43% ABV

Drink this in:

A gin and tonic....naturally!

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