Mini Gin Lucky Dip

Product image 1Lucky Dip wheel showing mini gin bottles in each slot
Product image 2Mini gin bottles hanging on Christmas tree with baubles on foot of tree

Regular price $6.50


This festive season, we're spicing things up with a bit of fun! Say hello to a lucky dip with a difference:

The Lucky Dip Mini Gin wheel!

You'll like this if:

Any of these apply to you:

  • Looking for an affordable stocking stuffer.
  • Want to make yourself a DIY gin-vent where you can surprise yourself with a different gin over 12 (or 24!) days.
  • Going away and looking to bring something to beat the selection at the mini-bar or if there is no mini-bar where you are going, well, enough said. You'll definitely be wanting some (many) of these.
  • Want to try something new and don't want to shell out for a full bottle.
  • Want to make yourself a gin ornament - these can be hung on a tree - we'll even provide the gold thread for you to hang them up with!


How does the lucky dip work? If you've ever been to a fair, it does what it says on the tin! Choose from the quantity you want and leave the rest to us! The excitement is in wondering what you'll be getting.

But no fear, we don't give you dud minis! Each of our minis are:

  • 50ml in size
  • Have a RRP of at least $8.50 and some even go up to $15 per mini (whereas you could pay only $4 a mini if you get the lucky dip of 12!)
  • Often exclusively bottled for us, meaning you won't find these for sale in your local bottle-o. 
  • Not individually sold in our online store, but their full sized siblings are, though there are two exceptions to this where we got the minis in specifically because of its unique bottle and another is a long sold out limited edition not found elsewhere in Australia.
So go on, surprise yourself with a lucky dip of the best kind today!
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