Mischief Brew Tonic No 1

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A play on the classic Indian tonic, the Mischief Brew Tonic No 1 takes cinchona (the tree from which quinine is derived) and mixes it with grapefruit and pimento to make its version. Pimento is a type of pepper with a sweet flavour and only a touch of heat, and that translates into the tonic itself. The grapefruit notes are mild on first taste (enhanced by the touch of salt used in the composition), and the bitterness from the cinchona is fairly soft compared to other brands.

However, don't let this fool you because this tonic really shines when it is mixed with gin, particularly the classic and navy strength or overproof gins. Unlike some tonics that compete with the gin botanicals, the softer characteristics of the Mischief Brew Tonic No 1 allows the key botanicals of the gins we paired with it, to come through.

A bonus? It is made right here in South Australia.


Mischief Brew (Australia)

4 x 250ml cans

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