Moore's Distillers Cut Juniper Gin

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You love a classic gin amped up on juniper steroids. Moore's Distillers Juniper Cut gin does what it says on the tin.

The gin is made in the town of Erina on the NSW Central Coast. So named after its master distiller Philip Moore, the gin is Philip's homage to the spirit's key botanical. And what a homage it is. 

As the name suggests, this gin has a healthy whack of juniper to give you one of the most well balanced juniper focussed gins we've had in a while. Fresh forest pine notes are all awash in this gin but there's a lovely citrus lift that cuts through the sharpness. Cardamom lends a slight spice and helps give the gin a nice warm finish.

The higher alcoholic strength also stands up in a mixed drink which makes Moore's Distillers Juniper Cut gin an ideal partner for any tonic you choose. 

The details:

  • Made by Distillery Botanica (NSW)
  • 700ml
  • 45% ABV

How to drink it? Try Moore's Distillers Cut Juniper Gin in:

A Gin & Tonic. Or if you are a martini fan, this goes beautifully in a Martini too with a touch of vermouth. If you're new to martinis though, this is one gin that can also take a hefty dose of aromatic vermouth. So give the gin a try in a Fifty Fifty Martini.

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