Puss & Mew Honey Coconut Gin

Product image 1Puss & Mew Honey Coconut gin front bottle
Product image 2Puss Mew Distillery Honey Coconut Gin back bottle
Product image 3Puss Mew Honey Coconut Gin poured over ice
Product image 4Puss Mew Honey Coconut Gin in cocktail

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You're a fan of subtle nutty toasted coconut as this honey coconut gin has that in spades (in a good way). 

What sets this gin apart from most others is that the flavours of the gin are achieved through distillation alone. That's right, even the honey goes into the still!

In fact, owner distillers Brett and Deb Clayton steep the base gin with fresh Castlemaine honey first. Then, they add the coconut, which they have toasted by hand. Finally, they distill the entire mix with with a botanical bouquet that covers not just juniper and coriander, but more unusual suspects like dried fig and nutmeg.  

The honey lends a subtle sweetness to the gin. On the nose, the nutty toastiness of the coconut is what hits you. Then, warm spice and fruity fig comes through on the palate. The zing of juniper follows quickly, adding a tingle to the tongue. Finally, the caramel like flavour of the toasted coconut comes through on the back for a warm finish.

Overall, the Puss & Mew Honey Coconut gin is an exercise in taking some strong flavours and turning it into a delicately balanced gin. 

The details:

  • Puss & Mew Distillery (Victoria)
  • 700ml
  • 41% ABV

How to drink it? Try the Puss & Mew Honey Coconut Gin in:

A Lamington Martini or a Cherry Ripe cocktail

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