Widges Gin

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You're after a classic juniper forward gin. Widges Gin is a genuine London Dry gin in the style of the likes of classic brands such as Tanqueray.

The gin itself has balanced dry, pine and citrus notes married with orange peel and a hint of cardamom. Think fresh sweet pine as you breathe in the forest. Not only that, you'll find a distinct bright citrus zing from the lemon and orange peel. Tying this all together? A subtle warmth that comes from the cardamom, orris root and nutmeg. 

All in all, Widges Gin a good all rounder that is suitable for almost any gin cocktail out there. Underpinning this is the deliberate decision to bottle the gin at a higher ABV. Where you might find most gins coming in at 37.5% to 40% ABV,  the slightly higher alcoholic strength of Widges Gin is designed to enhance the flavour of the botanicals when it is mixed.  

Created by ex-Sydney bartender Jason Williams, the name itself is Williams' nickname. His involvement doesn't just stop there though. Not only did Williams develop the recipe, he also came up with the specifications for the copper pot still used to make the gin at Langley Distillery.

The details:

  • Made at Langley Distillery (United Kingdom)
  • 700ml
  • 41.5% ABV

How to drink it? Try Widges Gin in:

A martini. Widges Gin is also versatile enough to be used in most other gin cocktails.

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